With the extension of Circuit Breaker, we’ve compiled some interesting and relevant YouTube channels that you should follow to keep yourself occupied. We hope you spend your time productively and have fun too!


Top YouTube Channels You Should Follow


As the Circuit Breaker (CB) extends for a little longer, we’ve compiled some
interesting and relevant YouTube channels that you should follow to keep yourself
occupied during this extended CB period!

Have Fun and Learn

It is important to keep ourselves up to date (upgrade) ourselves in the free time that
we have and at the same time enjoy the content that we’re learning. These channels
are a must-follow if you’re interested in learning new things and letting your mind
work with some creativity every week:


A quick summary of what TED-Ed is all about, “TED-Ed’s commitment to creating
lessons worth sharing is an extension of TED’s mission of spreading great ideas.
Within TED-Ed’s growing library of TED-Ed animations, you will find carefully curated
educational videos, many of which represent collaborations between talented
educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed website (”.

The videos that TED-Ed produces are mainly animated and vibrant in colours that
would have for sure provided insightful knowledge for all age groups to learn from!


5 Minutes Craft
This channel will amaze you with the ‘you-think-you-know’ life hacks! Just when you
think you’ve known all of it, ‘5 Minutes Craft’ would always have something ready to
wow its viewers with their interesting crafts almost every day!

Here’s one of their videos that they’ve uploaded that has gained over 1-million views!

Keep It Healthy

There is a high possibility for many of us to be snacking at home or having
scrumptious meals which, little-did-we-know, are unhealthy. Not to worry, we have a
healthy channel that could be just right for you to follow!

The Serious Fitness

‘The Serious Fitness is a channel that we’ve all dreamed of finding. The visuals of the
food prepared is definitely appetizing and of course, healthy for you and your family
to eat.

Keep it Moving

If you’re looking for some channels to keep your body moving whilst at home, these
channels are always keeping up to date with the different type of workouts, hence
you will definitely be able to find a workout routine which you are fonder and more
comfortable with.

Here, we’ve got some listed below for you to follow:

Get Active TV

For those of you who don’t know or are unsure, Get Active TV is the official YouTube
channel for ActiveSG. As most of us would know, ActiveSG is an all-encompassing
and inclusive national movement for sport that’s brought to you by Sport Singapore.

Here’s a quick workout video from their YouTube channel that you could follow:


If it’s your first-time hearing of The Council for Third Age (C3A), here’s a quick
summary of what C3A is about; “The Council for Third Age, C3A, set up in May 2007,
is an agency which promotes active ageing in Singapore through public education,
outreach and partnerships. As an umbrella body in the active ageing landscape, with
its focus on lifelong learning, senior volunteerism, and positive ageing, C3A works
with and through partners to help third agers age well.”

Their YouTube Channel, ‘councilforthirdage’, produces content relating to active
ageing tips and keeping up to date with the modern technology world. It is certainly
one of the top YouTube channels that you should follow.

There you go, top YouTube channels that you should follow! We hope you’ve found
something to your liking in this article. If you have your favourite and it’s not in our
list, share with us our Facebook page on what
are some of your favourite YouTube channels that you follow.

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