Ever experience having the world at your fingertips? Want to access a world of information and services available out there for you? The expanding world online and the existence of smart phones had brought us convenience like never before. You just need to know how to make use of them!

Date: 12 August 2017 (Sat)
Venue: Downtown East, Pasir Ris

Join us at our technology workshop to fully understand the craze over online platforms and pocket computers!

From your basic phone needs like calls and text messages, learn how your Smartphone can extend its service beyond its size to provide you with media, entertainment and utilities with just a simple click of a finger! Not only that, our finely-tuned workshop shares how technology can effectively help you make informed choices for your future careers and embark on self-improving opportunities available out there for you! Finally, further enhance your online experience as you learn how to use technology wisely and safely through our cyber security session.

We ensure you a fulfilling day of digital fun and tips as we cover a holistic view of the current smart phone and online culture that would promise you a more convenient and smart life that you desire!

Workshop Outline



Part I: Settings

  • Accessibility
    • Let your phone read to you – “Speech” function
      • Speak Selection: Select text and hear your phone read it to you.
      • Speak Screen: Let your phone read the content on the screen
      • Adjusting the Voice (Accent and Language) and Speaking Speed
    • Make text larger and easier to read
  • Display & Brightness
    • Night Shift
    • Display Zoom for larger icons on the Home Page(s)
  • Low power mode
  • Using Siri – setting reminders, alarms and asking Siri questions
  • Using Spotlight Search
  • A faster way to adjust settings – using Control Center
    • Turn on and off airplane mode, wifi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, screen orientation lock and airdrop directly
    • Adjust brightness with slider
    • Access and control music simply
    • Easily access torchlight, alarms, night shift, calculator and camera

Part II: Mail

  • Adjusting Mail Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Adding Account(s) and syncing mail from multiple accounts
  • Mail Shortcuts: Flagging and deleting mail quickly
    • Flagging and deleting multiple messages
    • Flagging and deleting messages quickly by swiping the mail
  • Mail Shortcuts: Quickly mark Mail as read/unread
    • Swipe right and press on the button to mark mail as read or unread
  • Mail Shortcuts: Flagging and deleting mail quickly
  • Mail Notifications: Turn on Phone Notifications for a particular email thread
    • Activate “notify” for phone email thread notifications
  • Easy Reference: Minimizing an email you are composing to refer to other emails

Part III: App Store

  • Apple ID and brief overview of the App store – Top Charts, Categories
  • Useful apps
    • News (Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Channel 8 News & Current Affairs)
    • Games (Candy Crush, Mahjong)
    • Default health app (IOS)
      • Track daily physical activity
      • Adding Medical ID - medical information in case of emergencies (eg allergies, medical conditions)
      • Track Health - eg weight, blood pressure, heart rate
    • Radio (SG Radio), Video (Viu)
    • Work (MyWork)

Part I: Settings

  • Make text larger and easier to read
  • Normal and ultra power saving mode
  • Setting Data Limit and Tracking Usage
  • Force Reboot
  • A faster way to adjust settings – using and customizing Notifications Bar
    • Adjusting quick settings - Wifi, mobile data, sound settings, screen orientation and bluetooth.
    • Adjust brightness with slider
    • Customising these quick settings – Choose which settings you want to appear in the notifications bar

Part II: Mail

  • Setting up Mail Accounts and Syncing Mail using default “Email” application
  • Mail Shortcuts: Quickly select messages to delete, move, or flag.
  • Mail Shortcuts: Select multiple messages to delete, move, or flag.

Part III: Widgets and Quick Search (5 mins)

  • Customise Lock screen with Apps
  • Customise Home screen with Apps and Widgets
    • Adding and arranging apps and widgets
    • Useful widgets (Mail, Calendar, Clock and Weather, To-Do Lists)
  • Conduct a quick google search by holding menu button
Part IV: Google Play Store
  • Google account and brief overview of Play Store
  • Using Google Voice and “Ok Google”
    • Try setting reminders, alarms, ask questions using Google Voice)
  • Useful Apps:
    • News (Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Yahoo, Channel 8 News)
    • Games (Candy Crush, Mahjong)
    • Health (Google Fit), Twilight (Night Light)
    • Radio (Radio Singapore)
    • Work (mywork)


Cyber-security and how to protect yourself online

Part I: Malware

  • What is Malware and how to prevent it?
  • Using anti-malware tools

Part II: Strengthening the defences of your devices

  • Installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software

Part III: Keeping your software up-to-date

  • Enabling auto updates of OS
  • Update browser and enable security functions

Part IV: Use of pins and strong passwords Set strong passwords, use password managers (use and change them regularly

Part V: Accept incoming contents with care

  • Stop and think before you click on links or attachments
  • Download reputable apps


Using Technology to find jobs

Part I: How technology has helped in changing how to find and apply for jobs

  • Traditional v New methods of finding jobs
  • The changing landscape of the job hunt

Part II: Technology tools that could be helpful

  • Web-based portals
    • Jobstreet
    • Gumtree
  • Mobile apps
    • mywork

Part III: Rise and benefits of the on-demand (aka gig) economy

  • Flexibility
    • Attend to other personal commitments which a 9-5 job which will not permit
  • Exploration
  • Steady income
    • Steady stream of jobs available

Part IV: The Future of Work

  • Ageing workforce
    • Tap on wealth of experience in finding the right job
  • Acquiring new skills
    • Broaden skillsets
  • Exploration

Part V: Introduction to mywork app and its benefits

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Date 12 Aug 2017 (Sat)
Time 10am - 1pm
Venue Begonia Terrace
Downtown East, Pasir Ris

Registration Fee
(Inclusive of Tea Break)

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Min 50
Max 100
Closing Date 9 Aug 2017

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