Green Your Thumb: Pot A Plant 101

Growing from seeds may be challenging, so why not adopt a plant instead? With the plantfluencer, Fendi from LittleBotany, we'll guide you through with hands-on workshop to pot your plant. Along with your Sansevieria plant and knowledge of how to care for them, you'll also take home:

  1. A bar of organic insecticidal soap
  2. A bottle of super plant booster. 
  3. Exclusive Happy Eco Club Recycle Bag
  4. Happy Eco Club Flowerpot
Date: 11 June 2022, Saturday
Time: 10am - 12pm
Venue: Downtown East, Begonia Function Room
Price:  $28 (NTUC Members)
            $32 (Friends of RX)
            $38 (Public)
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