Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Workshops

Join us for a series of free introductory TCM workshops!

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In this series of free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) online workshops, you get to learn more about the theory of TCM, Paediatric Tui Na, Pain Management, and Sports Injury Management.

Links to the Q&A for each session can be found in the table below.



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23 July 2022,

11am to 12pm

Introduction to TCM Theory

Have you ever wondered how TCM works? In this talk, we are going back to the basics to explore the theories that form the backbone of TCM as we understand it today.

Learn about the Yin Yang theory, how the organs in the body are perceived in TCM and find out what your body constitution might be! 

30 July 2022,
11am to 12pm

Introduction to Paediatric Tui Na

Keeping our children healthy can be child’s play with Paediatric Tui Na. Through this talk, gain insight into what TCM understands about children’s bodies.

Be introduced to the benefits of an increasingly popular and non-invasive treatment called Paediatric Tuina that can boost health, prevent and also treat diseases in children. 

6 August 2022,
11am to 12pm

Pain Management

Pain is an unpleasant response that is often due to an injury or damage in the body. It can be a dull sensation, or it can affect our basic movements in daily life.

TCM recognises pain in a slightly different way from physiology. It can be “pain due to obstruction” (不通则痛) or it can be “pain due to insufficiency” (不荣则痛).

Join this talk to find out more about how we may be making some lifestyle choices that predisposes us to pain! 

13 August 2022,
11am to 12pm

Sports Injury

Sports injuries are becoming more commonplace today, especially when many of us are trying to get away from our sedentary work life. Not only would they limit our physical abilities during our game, but severe sports injuries may also cause us to miss trainings!

To find out more about how we can manage sports injuries with a TCM twist, do take the time to join in this talk! 

20 August 2022,
11am to 12pm

Wellness & TCM Theory

How can we maintain good health? Preventive medicine has been advocated by TCM for years, yet not many truly understand it.

Learn how we can apply TCM theory and knowledge about our body and the environment around us, so we can stay healthy and well. As they say, prevention is better than cure! 


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