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Sports injuries are becoming more commonplace today, especially when many of us are trying to get away from our sedentary work life. Not only would they limit our physical abilities during our game, but severe sports injuries may also cause us to miss trainings!

To find out more about how we can manage sports injuries with a TCM twist, do take the time to join in this talk! 


Workshop Details

Date:13 August 2022, Saturday
Time:11am to 12pm

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Speaker Profile

Clinical Interests: TCM Internal Medicine (Respiratory diseases, sleep disorders, sub-health), TCM Tuina, Pain management

Physician Niklas has been a registered TCM Practitioner in Singapore since 2016. He has obtained his Double Degree in Biomedical Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine at NTU and BUCM in the same year.

Physician Niklas’s journey into TCM started when he joined his school’s Judo club. With the physical demands of the sport, he often turned to acupuncture sessions and TCM Tuina in order to continue his training. Tapping on his personal experiences in sports injuries, Physician Niklas understands the importance of proper management of injuries.

As such, Physician’s Niklas clinical interests lie in pain management, via acupuncture and TCM Tuina. Other interests include internal conditions, such as common respiratory diseases and sleep disorders. He also aims to advocate “Self-preservation and self-assistance, with perseverance”, combining good physical and mental health, that comes with determination.

Physician Niklas is also a lecturer with the Singapore College of Chinese Medicine (SCTCM). 


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About Zhongjing TCM

Zhongjing Traditional Chinese Medicine (Zhongjing TCM) was established in 2014 under the name of TCM Homecare and Nanyang Zhongjing Institution. A decision was made to rebrand and combine the strengths of both services. Therefore, in 2019, TCM Homecare was renamed Zhongjing TCM. The rebranding aims to collectively provide services of medical services and institution under the umbrella of Zhongjing TCM.

Zhongjing TCM prides itself in sharing TCM knowledge through lifelong learning with their very own Zhongjing TCM Institution. Zhongjing TCM is also committed to catering to individual needs encompassing personalized TCM modalities and herbs. Their state-of-the-art equipment, quality of herbs and products undergo the strictest quality checks so that you can enjoy with a piece of mind.



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