Continue indulging in the series of free online workshops to keep up-to-date with technology, with 10 workshops this month!

#SmartNationTogether (Jan 22) - Be a Part of the Digital Era!

#SMARTNATIONTOGETHER – Online Workshops for All

Continue indulging in the series of free online workshops to keep up-to-date with technology, brought to you by Smart Nation and proudly supported by U Live.


For Working Adults

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10 January 2022, Thursday

12pm to 1.30pm

Introduction to Coding: HTML & CSS

Speaker: General Assembly

What makes a website stand out? Explore the building blocks of the web, understand key coding principles, and try your hand at developing a webpage from scratch!

13 January 2022, Thursday12pm to 1pm

Stay Healthy With Mobile Technology

Speaker: AMP Labs

What do the numbers on your fitness watch tell you about your physical activity, diet, sleep quality and stress levels? Let exercise physiologist Etienne help you make sense of it all, and turn your fitness app or watch into your personal health coach!

17 January 2022, Monday12pm to 1pm

How No-Code Automation Is Changing the World

Speaker: Workato

Workflow automation helps drive business productivity, optimise operations and grow revenues. In this session, build and test your workflow automations without any technical knowledge - and have this in-demand skill under your belt!

20 January 2022, Thursday12pm to 1pm

How to Protect Yourself From Everyday Cyber Threats

Speaker: NUS ACE

Social engineering, malware, phishing - these are just some of the cyber attacks prevalent today. In this webinar, learn about security principles, techniques and best practices to safeguard yourself, both at home and in the workplace.

27 January 2022, Thursday12pm to 1.30pm

Smart Decision-Making Through Simulation

Speaker: Advent2Labs

Having trouble deciding on a costly new system? Through computer simulation, you can now visualise, test and compare the impact of various scenarios. Make better, smarter decisions backed by data.


For Parents and Kids

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6 January 2022, Thursday8pm to 9pm

Parenting in a Digital Age

Facilitator: Focus on the Family

Having tough conversations with your little digital native? Connect with your child through technology, set boundaries and manage expectations on healthy online media usage. You'll feel more confident with these practical tips!

15 January 2022, Saturday10am to 11am

A Coding Adventure With CodeMonkey

Facilitator: MangoSTEEMS

Want to help a monkey chase bananas? Learn the basics of computer programming with CodeMonkey's fun introductory course, jam-packed with puzzles and cartoons!

16 January 2022, Sunday11am to 12pm

Storytelling Session With "My Favourite Days"

Facilitator: NLB

Follow the adventures of a little girl and her Grandpa as they go on a journey of self-discovery. You'll be inspired by a future where anything is made possible through technology!

23 January 2022, Sunday11am to 12pm

My Favourite Days: Behind the Scenes

Facilitator: MeshMinds

Ever wondered how an Augmented Reality storybook is made? Join us on a magical journey of sketching characters, bringing them to life, and making them 'pop' up on your phone!

29 January 2022, Saturday10am to 11.30am

Classic Games with MakeCode Arcade

Facilitator: Graphite Academy

Remember the retro arcade games of your childhood? Now you can journey down memory lane with your kid, by creating your own classic games using Microsoft's MakeCode Arcade platform!


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