Continue indulging in the series of free online workshops to keep up-to-date with technology, with 11 workshops this month!

#SmartNationTogether Nov 2021

#SMARTNATIONTOGETHER – Online Workshops for All

Continue indulging in the series of free online workshops to keep up-to-date with technology, brought to you by Smart Nation and proudly supported by U Live. With 11 free workshops available this month, there’s something definitely for you!




For Active Agers

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Wed, 10 Nov 20213 - 4 pm
Staying Safe Online - (1) Job and e-commerce scams

Speaker: Singapore Police Force

Came across online deals that were too good to be true? Received a request for your security codes and one-time passwords when applying for a job?

Navigating the online space has become a necessity and a daily affair, but it is critical to stay safe online. 

In the first of the Stay Safe Online webinars, learn from the Singapore Police Force on how to identify and pick up tips to protect yourselves from job and e-commerce scams!

Wed, 17 Nov 20213 - 4 pm
Staying Safe Online - (2) Love and impersonalisation scams

Speaker: Singapore Police Force

Nowadays, it is so easy to meet someone new while surfing the web, but always be careful when befriending strangers online.

In the second of the Stay Safe Online webinars, learn from the Singapore Police Force on how to identify and pick up tips to protect yourselves from love and impersonalisation scams!  

Wed, 24 Nov 20213 - 4 pm
Staying Safe Online - (3) Investment and loan scams

Speaker: Singapore Police Force

Received a message from stockbrokers promising high returns when you invest in their business? Feel it's just too good not to miss? Think again. 

In the last of the Stay Safe Online webinars, learn from the Singapore Police Force on how to identify and pick up tips to protect yourselves from investment and loan scams!  


For Working Adults

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Mon, 1 Nov 202112 - 1.30pm
Data Analytics for a Smart Nation

Data analytics plays a crucial role in the development of a Smart Nation, whether it’s to help make a city carbon-neutral, promote green modes of transportation, or manage our infrastructure. Yet the rapid rate that data is generated also means we need to make sense of the information and ease the decision-making process.

In this webinar, participants will gain insights on:
(i) The practices of using data analytics today, looking at both tool-based and programming-based approaches
(ii) The pathway for the future of data analytics and organisations’ adoption strategies

Thu, 4 Nov 202112 - 1.30pm
Coding: How it's changing the world

From shopping for essentials online during COVID-19 to making those Zoom calls, coding is increasingly relevant in our daily lives. It is through coding that software developers create the apps and tech tools that we use on a daily basis.

Discover what coding is and its transformative functions in this webinar. You might just feel inspired to pick up this skill after the session!

Mon, 8 Nov 202112 - 1.30pm
Applied Games & VR: Opportunities in an emerging new market

With the widespread proliferation of smart mobile devices, games – whether conventional or those based on virtual reality and other immersive media – are gaining mainstream acceptance.

VR and other immersive tech are no longer just for gamers. They are being used in non-entertainment settings such as healthcare and online learning, making this one of the fastest growing sectors in the interactive content design and development space.

This webinar will talk about the growing opportunities in this exciting new space.

Thu, 11 Nov 202112 - 1.30pm
Building brand presence with Digital Marketing

As the world continues to struggle with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are increasingly pivoting to online platforms to meet consumers’ demand. Knowledge in promoting your products and services online and keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest marketing platforms will build brand awareness, boost exposure and give you an edge over competitors.

Learn how you can strengthen your online presence through search engine optimisation and other online marketing and advertising strategies in this webinar.

Mon, 15 Nov 202112 - 1pm
What is Design Thinking?

Innovators such as Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs have used the principles of design thinking to revolutionise entire industries.

In this one-hour webinar, you will get an understanding of design thinking and how it is different from creative thinking and innovation. You’ll also learn how to incorporate user empathy, collaboration and experimentation in your problem-solving process to achieve breakthrough solutions.

Thu, 18 Nov 202112 - 1.30pm
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Join this webinar to get an introductory understanding about artificial intelligence (AI), the opportunities within this emerging field and some of the ways AI is being applied in various industries today.

In addition, gain an appreciation of the latest state-of-the-art cloud-based tools that are user-friendly and require minimal coding to get started on applying AI in your work.


For Parents and Kids

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Sat, 13 Nov 202110 - 11am
Coding for kids with Family!

At this workshop, children and parents get to create, customise and play a digital defence themed game!

While raising awareness on digital defence among our young ones, they will also be exposed to coding concepts such as (1) Scratch interface basics, (2) Positioning & movements, (3) Iterations & loops, (4) Conditional statement. 

*note for children 5 - 12. Children below 9 years are to be accompanied by an adult.


Sat, 20 Nov 2021


10am - 12pm
First Line of Code

This workshop exposes your child to the world of programming through their first game/animation on Scratch, and brings their imagination to life. Through this introductory class, your child will step into the world of programming and take on the role of a creator, not just a game player. First Line of Code will gauge your child's level of interest in coding and assess their logical thinking process.

*best for children aged 7 to 12



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