Continue indulging in the series of free online workshops to keep up-to-date with technology, with 10 workshops this month!

#SMARTNATIONTOGETHER – Online Workshops for All

Continue indulging in the series of free online workshops to keep up-to-date with technology, brought to you by Smart Nation and proudly supported by U Live. With 10 free workshops available this month, there’s something definitely for you!


For Active Agers

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9 March 2022, Wednesday3 to 4pm

Introduction to Facebook

Speaker: Cognizant

Want to connect with your kakis with just a tap on your mobile device? Keep in touch with family members remotely? In this webinar, master the basics of Facebook to do these, and more.  

16 March 2022, Wednesday3 to 4pm

Introduction to Tiktok

Speaker: RSVP Singapore (The Organisation of Senior Volunteers)

What is this TikTok that all your children and grandchildren are hooked on? Can you also make these 15-second videos and surprise your grandkids? Sign up to find out.

23 March 2022, Wednesday3 to 4pm

Introduction to Google Photos

Speaker: Cognizant

Precious moments are meant to be captured and shared. In this webinar, learn how to enhance, store, manage and share photos with your loved ones with Google Photos.


For Working Adults

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3 March 2022, Thursday12 to 1pm

Disruptive Technologies 

Speaker: National University of Singapore, Advanced Computing for Executives

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting travel and supply chains, how can businesses stay one step ahead? Find out how emerging technologies like genomics, AI and robotics offer opportunities in this new global economy. 

10 March 2022, Thursday12 to 1pm

Exploring a Career in Cybersecurity 

Speaker: Cyber Security Agency Singapore

Think cybersecurity is just for the techies and geeks? Think again. Hear from a diverse group of cybersecurity professionals as they debunk industry myths and share more about the skills and competencies required to excel in this field.

17 March 2022, Thursday12 to 1pm


Speaker: GovTech Singapore

Starting and growing your business is never easy. With GoBusiness, the nuts and bolts of running a company – including applying for licences, permits and grants – can now be done via a single portal. Find out how in this webinar. 

24 March 2022, Thursday12 to 1.30pm

NLP for Beginners 

Speaker: Algoritmo Lab

Experiencing information overload from the flood of social media posts, tweets, news and emails your business is receiving? Find out how computers can help us make sense of it all using Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

31 March 2022, Thursday12 to 1.30pm

Metaverse & NFTs 101

Speaker: National University of Singapore, Fintech Lab

Think your selfie could be sold for a million bucks? In this webinar, discover the business model behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how they are impacting our physical world. Also learn more about what a metaverse is, and why you should care.


For Parents and Kids

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19 March 2022, Saturday10 to 11am

Coding Adventure (CodeMonkey)

Speaker: MangoSTEEMS

Going bananas over coding? Give your child a head-start on this life skill with this fun-filled introductory course.

20 March 2022, Sunday

11 to 12pm

Storytelling Session with "My Favourite Days"

Speaker: National Library Board Singapore

Follow a little girl and her grandpa on a journey of self-discovery, and open your kids’ eyes to the many possibilities that tech brings.


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