SNT Jan 2023

#SMARTNATIONTOGETHER – Online Workshops for All

Continue indulging in the series of free online workshops to keep up-to-date with technology, brought to you by Smart Nation and proudly supported by U Live. With 4 free workshops available this month, there’s something definitely for you!

For Active Agers

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11 January, Wednesday12pm to 1pm

Biohacking with Tech for Better Health

Speaker: AMP Lab

Biohacking is a recent health trend that advocates adopting and using health solutions that are more efficient and effective than conventional ones to enhance mental and physical well-being. And in some cases, a professional healthcare practitioner could be engaged to kickstart the biohacking process.

For example, do you know that one minute of high-intensity aerobic exercise is about twice as effective as one minute spent in moderate-intensity aerobic exercise?

In this 60-minutes online workshop, you will learn:

  • 04 biohacking tips for exercise, nutrition, mind and sleep
  • How to adopt and use simple mobile technology to do biohackings.


18 January 2023, Wednesday3 to 4pm

Detecting Dementia With AI: Project Pensieve


Learn about how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to detect dementia.

Technology is adopted in healthcare in a variety of ways for increased efficiency and better quality of care. One such application is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect signs of dementia. In this talk, we will share how early detection of dementia allows timelier intervention, which can help to maximise the quality of life for those affected and their caregivers.

This talk is organised in collaboration with Project Pensieve and is suitable for participants who are caregivers and/or aged 50 and above.


26 January 2023, Thursday12 to 1pm

Boost Your Mental Wellness with Tech!

Speaker: MindFi


Technology in the field of Mental Health has advanced dramatically in recent years. Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and much more have been distilled into app-form for easy access and are now complete with AI recommendations and navigation. Many of these tools are free, effective and science-backed.

In this session, we’ll explore what wellbeing is and how we can use technology based tools to understand our wellbeing and take charge of it so that we can feel happier and healthier every day.

30 January 2023, Monday7pm - 8pm

Telehealth for Physiotherapy: What, When & Why

Speaker: AMP Lab

Healthcare providers like physiotherapists in Singapore are adopting the widely accepted utilisation of electronic communication in delivering services, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. The use of telehealth in the physiotherapy practice has allowed practitioners to continue to provide off-site consultations and deliver quality treatments. Telehealth has helped patients to receive continuity and accessibility of care during those challenging times.

You will learn in this 60 minutes workshop on telehealth:

  • What is telehealth?
  • When should I seek telehealth?
  • The benefits of telehealth


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