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Staying Updated Through Telegram

01 June 2020 - In: Entertainment

(By: Alvira Alayna)


Ever wonder how your friends, colleagues or even family members can get such great deals or be up to date with current affairs?  Come discover the world of Telegram!


Did you know that Telegram is one of the most used communication platforms, and you can even play games and run polls on it? Besides these exciting features, Telegram also enables you to join channels of your interest and keep up to date with the latest happenings and deals, and even look for part-time jobs! Interested yet?  After seeing these 5 Telegram channels – you’ll be on your way to downloading Telegram!  Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking ‘Join’.


1. SG Active Agers – Powered by U Live - @ulivesg

U Live’s very own SG Active Agers channel – the first Telegram channel in

Singapore that is specially curated for active agers.  Keep yourself up to date

with relevant promotions, discounts, news and events. Join now!


2. SG Food Deals - @sgfooddeals

Following SG Food Deals is definitely a good idea if you love being the first to

know about irresistible food deals.


This channel focuses food-related promotions and shares the latest deals

available, from 1-for-1 deals to free giveaways to $1 GrabFood Deals and many

more. Join now and start saving!


3. Gov.sg - @Govsg

Gov.sg channel provides real time updates for information such as COVID-19

and important Government updates. Get government announcements and news straight from the source! Click here to join.


4. Weekend Plans - @sgweekend

Although many events are currently postponed due to Covid-19, this channel continues to share events, workshops etc that you can keep yourself busy with and enjoy at the comfort of your home! In the future, check this channel for all the amazing events and activities you can do during your weekends when the situation has improved! Subscribe now to be in the know. 


5. SG Part Time Jobs - @sgparttimers

Find part-time jobs and connect direct and immediately with employers via

chat through this channel.


Similarly, if you are an employer looking for part-timers, you can post your job

postings here! Click here to visit this channel.


6. Good Lobang - @goodlobang

Never miss a deal again! Stay up to date with the latest 1-for-1 offers, big

discounts and even exclusive deals.


Start saving today by subscribing here.


7. The Straits Times - @TheStraitsTimes

Instead of searching for new, let the news find you by joining The Straits Times channel! Be sure to keep-up to date with the latest important news and talking points. Click here to join now.


Download Telegram now via Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Looking for more channels to follow? Click here to find out more!