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5 Useful Houseplants to Grow & Where to Buy Them

01 May 2020 - In: Lifestyle



Did you know that indoor plants boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity?  Studies have shown that houseplants reduce stress, fatigue, sore throat, and colds!  Plants actually helps to keep insecurities and overwhelming emotions at bay. 


According to an interview with The New Paper, Dr Wilson Wong, an NParks-certified practising horticulturist had mentioned; “Greenery and home gardening enable us to satisfy our innate need to connect with nature and enhance our overall well-being. That could explain the growing interest.”  We have curated a list of 5 useful houseplants that you could buy and grow them in your very own house!




Not only does this plant gives off a nice scent, but it also grows well in shaded areas – like in a room. One of the main and obvious benefit of growing a Mint plant is being able to consume it! We like adding some mint leaves into our tea too.  Some other benefits that you might be unaware of when consuming a Mint plant is that it facilitates smoother digestion and may help cure headaches too.


Calamansi Lime

Calamansi Lime helps to keep the kidney healthy when it is consumed regularly. Additionally, it helps to improve the bowel movement and relieves constipation. Indeed, it is a very useful plant to grow at home!



Did you know the common Lemongrass that we use for our ‘Lontong’ or ‘Lemongrass Fried Rice’ has many health benefits?  Lemongrass helps to boost our oral health, relieves anxiety, bloating and pain as well as boosting the red blood cell levels.



Peace Lily

Aside from the fact that it looks so stunning, Peace Lily helps to improve your indoor air quality by as much as 60 percent (NASA approved). Placing this plant in the bathrooms also help to keep your bathroom tiles and shower curtains away and free from mildews.


Snake Plant

Snake plant helps to clear the air indoors much better than other houseplants! Growing this plant in your house helps to promote better flow of oxygen and controls carbon dioxide during the night.



Interested in plants and want to browse more? Here are a few sites that offer home delivery for plants and herbs which you might be interested to purchase:



If you have any plant-related doubts, you can seek help from a ‘Plant Doctor’! Be sure to be include pictures and as much details as you can when seeking advice. You can find out more about this service by Gardens By The Bay.




Hope these tips can help you along your gardening journey.  For those who have a strong interest in gardening and wants to be part of a group that also feel as strongly as you about gardening, join Happy Eco Club’s Facebook group and don’t forget to like U Live's Facebook page while you are at it to get updates on the latest events.